My Latest Purchase / OhMyLove Mini Review!

Front and back of the dress
Bathroom shot!

Such a gorgeous texture!

So recently I've been on the hunt for a new winter coat, and spent hours searching Ebay and Google but without much luck. So then I ended up just browsing for a new online fashion store, since all my usual sites I go to didnt seem to have anything appealing. I soon discovered Oh My Love and fell in love instantly! The layout of the website is simple yet chic, and the clothes were just gorgeous. I headed straight for the clearance link (obviously) and had a good scroll though the bargains. My eyes then found this beautiful little dress.

Photo source: Ohmylovelondon

 As you can see, in the photo it looks like a simple, casual nude coloured dress. Yet when it arrived I found that it was a thicker, stretchy lurex material which was nude but also had tiny flecks of silvery sparkly bits. Now, its a rare thing for an item to be even better than advertised! Overall I am very impressed with the service, packaging, etc from OhMyLove. I would recommend (and already have done to quite a few family & friends) this site to anyone who feels like they need a new store to shop from, or at least get some style inspiration from! The pictures added at the start of this post are taken by me, and have been put up on my LookBook. I'd love for you to take a look at my other looks on there too, and if you have a LookBook too send me a message and I'll fan your page! Also feel free to follow my personal facebook, like my shared post of this outfit and I'll follow you back.

Alright, thats my first post finished. I look forward to posting more, very regularly so stay tuned!

Bye, Ghouls!


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